Bottom line…Nepenthe was a giant among the legendary 80s Ft. Lauderdale night clubs. Initially opened as an under-21 spot, it was far from “kiddy.” It featured a sunken stainless steel dance floor and a Richard Long sound/light system (the guy who put in the system at the Paradise Garage in NYC). Blacks, Latinos, punks, whites…all danced and boogied at Nepenthe…and no one had a problem with it! Beautiful waitresses dressed up as sexy Cleopatra’s offered a drink called “Nepenthe Potion” which arrived “smoking” on dry ice. It was also notorious for being the location of a “Miami Vice” episode called “Whatever Works.” One can picture Don Johnson in his pastel blue t-shirt under his white linen jacket in the club in his shades. Ah, the early 80s in South Florida. It’s amazing we survived it!

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