Baton Rouge-LSU

We’ve heard alllll about your time crushing it back in old Red Stick. Oh…you’re gonna play all cool? That time you were booted from Murphy’s ring a bell? Or losing that 100 bucks over a game of pool at The Tiger (hey, 100 bucks was BIG money back then). Or the time you fell in love at the Caterie watching some killer band…or maybe it was the 50 times you fell in love at The Bayou?

Yep, the days and nights in Tigerland, on Chimes, and game days were epic beyond all comprehension. Kids today don’t understand what it was REALLY like…L.S.U. just rocked more back then. And here’s some wearable proof for you now that you’re a grown-up and all respectable-like. See you on Game Day at the local booster bar this season!