Athens - UGA

We’re guessing if you’re here that you used to crush it in Athens back in the day. Maybe you were insulted by Herbie? Or sat out on the deck at T.K.’s?, If so, these are for YOU!

Herewith, some beloved, cherished, bygone faves from the campus bar scene that is no longer with us. Places like Flying Buffalo, Herbie’s, O’Malley’s, Odyssey and Uptown Lounge ruled the day. Along with many more places that showcased amazing live music, strong drinks and epic good times. Here are just a few for your consideration. Rule the Game Day fun this year and impress your friends!

What happens when you have a perennial SEC contender and one of the South’s coolest, quirkiest and most musically-rich college towns? Athens happens. And, back in the day, it really HAPPENED too! Legendary joints, along with equally-legendary barkeepers, dotted the landscape in the 70s, 80s and 90s,