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Remember That Place? That's Why We Started!

Posted on March 26 2020

Remember That Place? That's Why We Started! - Long Lost Tees


We can all remember those crazy days of our youth. Blurry college nights. Even if you didn't go to college, those were the days to remember. To bring back a glimmer of 'back then', we started Long Lost Vintage Tees. 

We wrestled with whether we should show this ridiculous photo BELOW from 1994. But, it's truly in the spirit of the brand. It's the same year that Markham and Tom first met. Markham, the founder of Long Lost Vintage Tees is in drag on the left. Tom, his business partner, is 2nd from the left. We're not proud of the photo. Well, actually we are. Those were incredible times. And that's why we love the idea of these old places so much. 

Long Lost Founder and Captain Tony

Also in the photo is the original Captain Tony from Key West. Have a look at his Mayoral Campaign shirt here. Yes, there are others in the photo. Their identities are being safeguarded for certain reasons. 

As we keep building our selection of old college town dive bars and hangouts, disco dance party icons and resort town favorites, we hope that you'll join us and help tell the stories of these incredible places. 

Keep an eye out for invitations to write a story. If we like it, we'll send you some gear. If we love it and it makes the blog? Well, then, you've become a Long Lost Legend. What that means is even more gear. And eternal gratitude. 

So dig deep into those fuzzy memories and start telling us the tales of the great places, from the Purple Porpoise to Tulagi. Remember that one night...



  • James Gerber : June 02, 2020

    For Ann Arbor maybe you should talk to John Carver the former owner about a Second Chance T shirt. There was also a Chances R in Champaign IL that would probably sell well.

  • mike cheaure: June 02, 2020

    LOVED the O’Malley’s story. I lived it many times over during my days at Illinois from 82-86. I (DX Woody) was a bartender at KAMS from 84-86 which is the most famous bar on campus. Could you please make vintage shirts from KAM’S!


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