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Tule Tales - Boulder, CO circa 1990

Posted on March 28 2020

Tule Tales - Boulder, CO  circa 1990 - Long Lost Tees
Tulagi, affectionately known as "The Tule," was a generational bar. Our parents frequented the establishment in their day. We were told that the owner named the watering hole after the World War II Battle of Tulagi in the Soloman Islands. 
In our day, we saw The Samples and Big Head Todd and the Monsters solidify their place as the keepers of our collegiate soundtrack there. Legendary Boulder surf rock band, the Astronauts preceded those acts in the 60s. We also saw boxing matches there from time to time. We lived directly across the street on 13th Street, and frequently, the party would continue at our apartment after last call.
A night on the hill in Boulder Long Lost Tees
It was a Boulder bar, a Buff bar, and a Hill mainstay - it was also walking distance to the Sink, which made for a nice pub crawl. So glad to celebrate this Colorado legend with such a great t-shirt that invites fun conversations and shared history of an establishment that is now gone but will certainly never be forgotten. Grabbed the shirt and all the memories came flooding back! 
Sean Keefe
BA, ENGL '93 

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  • Tom: April 02, 2020

    Sean! Great pic and story. Those were the days…

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