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Boca Chica Lounge

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When Key West bartenders delivered their 4 a.m. eviction edict and turned on the “Death Rays” (those 200-watt incandescent bulbs), hardy folks head- ed over the Cow Key Channel bridge to the Boca Chica Lounge on Stock Island to keep the party going. Monroe County had no law about bar-closing- time and the “Broken Chicken” stayed open 23 hours a day. The disco boomed and the lights flashed, and the shrimpers were kept separate from “regular” patrons by a chain-link fence... inside the bar! Fights and brawls were commonplace, as were shady deals — needless to say, the local deputies were always busting something up at the place. Characters of every color were on hand— fishermen, gamblers, criminals, gay, straight and undercover law enforcement, too!



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Customer Reviews

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The Old Boca Chica Bar

I was stationed at NAS Key West (Coca Chica) from 2/72-7/77. As an aircrew on VQ-2 aircraft deployed to Key West, after a mission, many of the crew would adjourn to the Boca Chica. Downed a lot of beers listening to John Denver and other country singers. It was not as wild as it apparently became later on. We mixed with shrimpers and the occasional doper; but never had any real problems. Went to grab a beer there in the 80's to find it had turned into a bicycle shop. That's when I learned about the drunk driver's accident and the bar losing its liquor license. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Mark T Meyer
Missing the BCB

I was a Key West cab driver from 1988 until 2018. I worked the night shift during the last couple of years the BCB was open. At closing time on Duval Street, we would line up in front of the many party-hearty bars, and load up for a run to just outside the city limits to the Boca Chica bar. And then, from 4 AM until shift change, we’d line up outside the BCB, and the other after-hours bar, the Conch Flyer, and do a brisk trade out of those locations. Every once in a while, we’d pick up for runs further up the keys to Coconuts on Big Pine Key, or the Brass Monkey in Marathon.

After my shift was over, I’d head over to the BCB for an adult beverage, and to watch the freak show. There was a cross section of humanity in that place that honestly warranted a full sociological study.....drag queens, shrimpers, Miami cocaine cowboys, bartenders, teen age runaways, get the picture. It was always entertaining, and even for a well seasoned Key West cabbie, a bit mind blowing.

The party ended when a car full of partiers headed for the Conch Flyer got into a horrific head on collision with some poor schmoe headed to work, at dead man’s curve. The county commission felt as though they needed to act. Closing time in the county was set to match the City of Key West. The BCB tried to hold on as a bottle club, and I was one of the first in line to check in my bottle of Barbancourt rum. This model of business was familiar to me, having lived for many years in Oklahoma, where for many many years, this was the only way to enjoy liquor in a public setting. Sadly, most folks though that this was just too big a hassle, and after a month or so, the doors closed for good. It was truly a sad day for Key West.

My t shirt is my way of paying homage to a truly epic party venue. It really had to be this......I’m getting too old to do lines off the back of a toilet. Thanks for making this shirt! I’m looking forward to wearing it when I’m back in Key West once again. If you were to make other gone-but-not-forgotten bar t the Esquire Lounge, the Bucket of Blood, the Gate Bar, the Full Moon Saloon , Stew’s Place or the Sea Witch, I’ll have my order in post haste!