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Dennis Mullins opened Bunratty’s in the heavily Irish Allston/Brighton neighborhood in 1969 and a legend was born. In it’s heyday, the venue several bands a night, 365 days a year. Mickey O’Halloran was the booking manager and largely credited with catapulting Bunratty’s into top-tier showcase for emerging and nationally-known bands. Faces in the crowd included Bono, Slash, Jethro Tull, Motorhead, Peter Wolf and countless other luminaries who came to party and indulge in the craziness that ensued on a nightly basis. There are simply TOO MANY stories to tell from the old days on Harvard Street in Allston to fit here!




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Customer Reviews

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LOVED Bunratty’s! It was just a short stumble from my apartment on St Luke’s Rd. Was always a great time going there, even if the band wasn’t great the people were.

Wrong address

You really need to correct the Bunratty's address!

T Shirt Street Address is Wrong

Bunratty’s was located at 186 Harvard Ave. The t-shirt has a typo. It says 188 Harvard Ave. Needs to be corrected.

Larry Plavnick
Where else can I find this stuff!

For too many years to admit to, I've maintained a collection of my favorite t-shirts. But t-shirts, like former girlfriends, are fondly remembered but not forever. Bunratty's was my very first and favorite college bar, just up Commonwealth Avenue from my dormitory at Boston University. It was the place where I first formed the fundamental understanding of the need for my own own personal Cheers, the bar where everyone knows my name. That requirement of a comfortable refuge has been a truly profound and elemental part of my life since then, and I assure you that I'm not a kid! When my Bunratty's t-shirt went to that great t-shirt graveyard in the sky, I thought that my blue jeans wardrobe would never be the same. And then along came Long Lost T's, and I'll never be without my favorite t-shirt, and my memories of Bunratty's, again. Please accept my eternal gratitude!