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If the walls could talk down in the basement below Kimmell Hall…oh the stories, and loud, pulsing music you would hear. While today it is a much quieter (and better behaved) renovated tech space, back in the 70s and 80s in the very same room you would not believe your eyes and ears. That’s because from 1969 to 1985, Central New York’s hands-down greatest live-music space was located in the very same basement: Jabberwocky. Yes…you’ve heard your crazy uncle tell you stories about “what you missed”…and he would be RIGHT. Rock and Roll royalty from James Brown to James Taylor to Talking Heads and Jackson Browne all played there among many other hall of fame notables. Opened by S.U. administrators in 1969 to calm the demands of students activists for a place of their own, the Jab had the unique feature of being located right ON campus, and just a short drive from the mecca of NYC, thus attracting some huge musical acts over it’s 15 year run. Many compare it to CBGB in terms of the quality and rawness of the music played there over the years.


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